New Beer Label Illustration for Scotch Irish Brewing.

Ottawa, Jul 05, 2007

Brent Charbonneau is pleased to announce that Scotch Irish Brewing commisioned Planet Pulse Media to illustrate and design a new beer product with some local historical ties. Scotch Irish will be bringing John By Imperial Stout to the LCBO.

Brent's big challenge was finding some reference and researching the details of the uniform of the period commonly worn by a Lt. Colonel. The lack of a portrait may have been a blessing, giving the artist a clean palette from which to start. Brent was aided in his research with the kind help of the Bytown Museum. The museum houses a bust of John By and it is commonly accepted that this bust is not a likeness. "I chose to be influenced by some ot the characteristics of the bust but also too create an image that had some qualities that were not in the bust as well. I have attempted to impart a real sense of pride in the face, where as the bust was more stoic and cold."
Meredith Macdonnell was also key in aiding the accuracy of the military uniform.
John By Imperial Stout will be at the LCBO and the BeerStore in the Fall, 2007.

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